If you have a hard time figuring out if you are a visionary strategy consultant or a business-oriented and facts-loving creative, then you might be the brilliant misfit we need.

We are now looking for a Jr. Telecom or Tech Strategist as we continue to grow while working with some of the most exciting brands in the world in a wide range of industries. Together with our diverse team of strategists and creatives you will learn how to build strong brands and successful businesses within the Telco or Tech industry.

At Seventy, we help create brands and businesses that stand out by hiring people who don’t fit the norm. Strategy consultants who want to get creative, designers who love business; we’ve all got the confidence and ambition to drive real change for big companies and future unicorns. And we’re all brilliant misfits. Every day, week and month looks different for our Strategy team but as a Jr. Telecom Strategist at Seventy you could easily find yourself:

  • Giving a presentation on the potential business and technical implications of low latency gaming
  • Figuring out the implications of network slicing on network operations or explaining the concept of cloud native development.
  • Creating or structuring communication to explain complex technical ideas and concepts

We are looking for a Jr. Telecom or Tech Strategist who either understands the topics above or is intrigued to learn more. We work with telecom companies to create powerful communication and help them to make sense of the rapidly evolving 5G world for their customers.

We can offer you an exciting role in an entrepreneurial and a fast-moving company that works with high profile cases at leading global companies. You will have a lot of opportunities to grow and make an impact. Together, we help the brave make a purposeful difference.


  • …have a strong track record that reflects your drive to perform
  • …have a strong interest in and understanding of technology in general and telecommunications in particular and would like to work with related businesses
  • ...are familiar with terms like edge solutions, hybrid networks, orchestration across clouds and on-prem, etc.
  • …always keep your eyes open for the new and disruptive
  • …get excited about bringing your ideas to life
  • …build strong relationships with your new colleagues, across departments
  • …are both analytical and creative
  • …are a team player and a fast learner
  • …spread happiness and joy in your team
  • ...are currently located in Sweden


  • Either 0 to a maximum of 3 years of working experience in a relevant field (service provider, telecommunications company, telco consultancy, etc.) combined with a master’s degree in a relevant field (Engineering, etc.), or at least 2 to a maximum of 3 years of working experience and a bachelor’s degree
  • Master or bachelor degree in relevant field
  • You are fluent in both business English and Swedish
  • You are confident in Microsoft Office (ppt, excel and word) and/or iWork (keynote, numbers and pages) and able to create presentations that both look great and help bring your ideas across

If you think that you could be the brilliant misfit we are looking for, please submit your CV and a Cover Letter answering the following mandatory questions:

  1. Why do you want to work at Seventy?
  2. Why do you want to work as a Jr. Telecom or Tech Strategist?
  3. How can you with your specific background contribute to the Seventy family and what we do?
  4. In what way are you a brilliant misfit?

We look forward to hearing from you!


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